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Upcoming Meetings
The next quarterly meeting will be in February or March. The topic will be announced soon.
Membership and Lists
To become a member of the Boston chapter of NAISG, you only need to add your name and address to our Newsletter mailing list. Membership is free to the general public.
Boston Chapter - General Information
  • We are the Boston chapter of NAISG, a national organization that provides and coordinates security-focused meetings, demonstrations and seminars; as well as an online communications forum with a global audience.
  • The Boston chapter holds quarterly meetings in Cambridge, MA. Our members come primarily from the metropolitan Boston area, but we have a number that also travel from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
  • Membership is always free to the general public, and is open to anyone interested in information security. To become a member, just add your name to the appropriate Newsletter list.
  • Typical meeting agendas include introductions, Q&A, job announcements and one or two formal presentations.
  • Members include IT administrators, managers, law enforcement personnel, students, educators or anyone interested to learn how to protect their information systems.
  • No formal security experience is required. People come to learn, share tips and tricks, and network with other professionals.
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