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Meetings (Boston Chapter)
Dates and Topics
Reservations: Please send an e-mail to
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indicating the meeting you want to attend.  Reservations are required.
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NOTE: Photo ID required to pass through building security when the meeting is at Cambridge Center.  Use the Microsoft-specific entrance when coming into that building.
Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 6:30 PM.

Location: Microsoft office, 4th floor, Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA. Use the Microsoft-specific building entrance.

Free and includes pizza!

Passwords: Keys to the Kingdom
In this presentation, Patrick Hynds of DTS will talk about the aspects of passwords that most people don’t know or even think about. These include best practices, password attack vectors and ways to make passwords more manageable. This presentation is the basis for a PluralSight Course about to be released on this subject.

Patrick is an expert on Microsoft technology and experienced with other technologies as well from storage systems to firewalls. Patrick has taught software development as well as Network Architecture and regularly takes on the role of consultant in which he enjoys mastering difficult troubleshooting assignments. A 1988 graduate of West Point and a Gulf War veteran, Patrick brings an uncommon level of dedication to his leadership role at DTS. He is experienced in addressing business challenges with special emphasis on security issues involving leading-edge database, storage, web and hardware systems. Patrick often speaks at major technical conferences.

Meetings are held at the Cambridge, MA office of Microsoft unless otherwise indicated. See directions...
What would a NAISG meeting be without refreshments? The next quarterly meeting will be sponsored by DTS, so come early to get the best seats and toppings.
Is your organization willing to sponsor pizza in exchange for a display table outside the meeting room? See our sponsorship page for details.
CISSP Credits
Your attendance at NAISG meetings is valid toward the CISSP continuing education credits (CPEs). If you are a CISSP, please print a copy of this form and bring it to the meeting. Give it to the meeting moderator or one of the NAISG board members to sign, after which you can submit it to
(ISC)2 as needed.